Do you remember Patrick Mahomes’ left-handed pass that was just crazy? I think it was topped on Friday night in a high school football game.

That’s right, a high schooler had an even filthier pass, and it went for a touchdown in a tightly contested game between Patrick Henry High School, in Moneta, VA, and Staunton River High School, in Roanoke, VA.

In the fourth quarter, Staunton River running back Kyle Wollam was handed the ball, turned and tossed a perfect no-look pass, over his shoulder granny shot style to the back of the end zone.

The unbelievable touchdown was not enough to claim a win by Staunton River, but is has many people talking about it, and it is fun to watch.

That was the best of football, then there is the worst from football and it came on Saturday in the NCAA.

You probably already know where I am headed with this one.

Yep, it is the Nebraska Cornhuskers attempt at an onside kick against the number eight ranked Ohio State Buckeyes.

Nebraska struck first on a 12-play drive of 75 yards to take an early 7-0 lead, then they gave all that momentum to the Buckeyes with a failed attempt at an onside kick. What resulted was what looked like a Charlie Brown imitation kickoff.

I am sure Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Chris Boswell feels a little bit better now at his failed attempt from the 2017 season where he tried some trickery which led to his kick going not more than half a yard.