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New Iowa Tradition Born

Sports are filled with tradition. Some are new and others are long standing. This past weekend the Iowa Hawkeyes look to have started a new tradition at home games.

Saturday’s game started out just like all the others. The pomp and circumstance of the first game of the season at Kinnick Stadium. But as the time ticked down in the first quarter, many in the stadium started to wonder, would that one social media post go viral enough to start this new tradition?

Let’s back up a bit.

The new Children’s Hospital was built right next to the stadium and if you are in one of the rooms high up you can look down in and see the action on the field.

The Hawkeyes already do something with the hospital, which is called their “Kid Captain” program for each game where pediatric patients from the hospital serve as honourary captains. But what about those that are still in the hospital looking in from their room?

Now, we go pack to that social media post. It was suggested on that post that everybody should turn to the hospital at the completion of the first quarter and wave to the kids and their families that were watching the game from their room.

The post went viral and on Saturday when the Hawkeyes hosted the Wyoming was the first chance to see if this would happen.

And, it happened! The end of the first quarter came and 75,000 people all put their eyes on the Children’s Hospital outside of the stadium and all started to wave to those looking in.

Think about it, the boost those kids and families battling illnesses got from seeing all those people thinking about them, giving them a wave. It may seem like a small gesture but one that was warm and kind, something that sometimes gets lost in society today.

Maybe I am just a sap, but I hope this becomes a tradition at all Iowa Hawkeyes games.

We are never sure when we see the birth of a new tradition, but on Saturday I think we did.



wyoming is horrible

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