Being a sideline reporter is a tough job.

Not only do they have to ask the tough questions, but they must to be prepared for anything. That isn’t just during the game but pregame as well. Think about it, they focus on the camera and pretty much block everything else out, they have no idea what is going on behind them while the whole world watches.

Sometimes it can be photobombings, while other times it could be equipment going astray, you know like a football to the head during warmups.

NFL Network’s Melissa Stark found that out herself on Sunday. She was giving the latest updates to fans for the Tennessee Titans vs Los Angeles Chargers game in London, England. As she was middle of her on-camera hit she got plunked by a football.

To her credit, she took one for the team and kept on rolling with it. It actually came off as a highlight.

Near the end of her hit she did say she “might be on the injury report. I am now officially questionable.”

Stark has been with the NFL Network since 2012, she later tweeted “Hurts more every time I watch it....literally NEVER happened in 20 years covering NFL ...London, I’ll never forget you!!”

You know that will make a lot of the sports blooper reels this week, but it was a well played moment on live television.