The Cleveland Cavaliers will have a tough time making the playoffs this year now that LeBron James is gone.

The last time the team made the playoffs without LeBron was the 1997-98 season.

It will be a tough task for them as they move on and rebuild since James is now an LA Laker. Moving on is always easier said than done, but it is something the Cavaliers will have to do. Part of moving on after a breakup is getting rid of stuff.

So, the Cavs are doing just that with ‘The Kings’ locker. However, it might not be the way you think they would do it.

Rather than giving James’ former locker to another player, the team turned it into a towel closet.

Cleveland revamped their locker room and it is an amazing place to get ready for games without James. I guess that leaves out the obvious question for media of, ”who is sitting in James’ locker?” And, it will leave out the obvious hype of that player having to live up to James’ standard just because he has that locker.

Since the Eastern Conference is weak, Cleveland could compete for a playoff spot, but without James, it will likely take a long time to become a contender for the NBA title once again.