Last week a New York Yankees fan soaked an Oakland A’s fan in beer after the Yankees defeated Oakland in the AL Wild Card Game.

Some people have wondered what happened after it. Did the A’s fan get his new gear from the team? Did he press charges for assault?

Let’s rewind here.

John Spencer, who was the Oakland Athletics fan, was watching his team lose to the Yankees in the American League Wild Card game and then was showered by a beer from a fan of the home team. Video of the incident was posted on social media, and became viral, making Spencer a folk hero and the fan that doused him a villain.

As the views on the video grew the internet became more outraged on Spencer’s behalf, even before anybody knew who he was. Even the people running Athletics’ Twitter account took notice and wanted help identifying the fan, so they could get him some new A’s gear.

Within hours, Spencer, who was born and raised in Oakland but now lived in Brooklyn, was identified when he came forward on social media.

What came next on Twitter was the best that we have to offer. Fellow fans rallied in support and blew up Spencer’s mentions with offers of free tickets and appreciative statements.

A few days later there was a twist to the story. A very unexpected outcome that took place because of what happened. Spencer connected with the guy that threw the beer at him and the pair went out partying in New York. The beer-throwing fan even chronicled their night out on his Instagram account.

The beer thrower obviously has made amends for his actions and it appears the two men have become friends as the dynamic duo were back at Yankees Stadium on Tuesday night for Game 4 of the ALDS between Boston and New York with Spencer in his new Athletics gear.

Baseball always seems to have a way of bringing people together, but this is not what we expected after the incident at Yankees Stadium. Hopefully, the Yankees fan picked up the tab for that night out on the town last week or last night’s outing to the game.