Bonus coverage in the NFL is great for football fans, but when the station cuts away due to NFL rules and regulations before the end of the game it is useless to show it.

On Sunday it happened again with many fans around the country missing out on some amazing finishes.

Just after the Cleveland Browns failed to convert on a fourth-down in overtime against the Baltimore Ravens, CBS went to commercial break. When they returned from the break they got the words every fan hates to hear from a studio host, “due to NFL rules and regulations, we are not able to keep you there live, but we will keep you updated.”

The network’s post-game analyst panel then turned into play-by-play men from the studio as they watched on a screen that viewers were not allowed to see. Eventually Greg Joseph made the game winning field goal for Cleveland with Bill Cowher having the call, “And…he…knocks it in.”

How anti-climatic was that?

However, that was not the only instance over the weekend. Over on FOX, viewers in Philadelphia watching the Carolina Panthers and New York Giants got to see a commercial break instead of seeing Graham Gano tying the record for the longest game winning field goal by kicking a 63-yarder as time expired.

Who would not have wanted to see that? Not just on highlight shows but live as it happened.

Last week, it was NFL Redzone host Scott Hanson who was red faced when he had to explain to viewers why the channel that shows every touchdown wouldn’t be able to show the final score in Oakland as the Raiders outlasted the Browns. It is a league owned network who couldn’t even directly compete with the game’s broadcaster. Also, NBC wanted you to watch its pregame show than watch the ending of a back and forth contest.

Now, with that said, we are lucky we do get to see some out of market action after the local matchup is over. Not many other sports let that happen. And I get that if you tune in to see the second game of a doubleheader you don’t want to see the conclusion of another game running long that you don’t want to see.

While the NHL media experience has greatly improved with the ability to stream games on mobile devices, it just becomes even more annoying that there are still rules and regulations that are holding fans back from seeing the outcome of games live with complete bonus coverage.

With games becoming more high scoring week after week and lasting longer than the three-hour window they have, it is becoming more and more of a problem. Currently, the only solution is for fans to purchase NFL Sunday Ticket. Can the NFL and their partners not find a better solution for the fans at home than to get the Sunday Ticket?

If you want to show bonus coverage out of market, then you owe it to the fans. We don’t live in a time where there are just a handful of television channels we can get over the airwaves. We live in a time where there are channels for everything under the sun and multiple sports channels. So, could we not start the next game on one of those affiliated sports channels or even have the conclusion of the bonus coverage on them?

The fans are on the losing end of this one, at this time, until these rules get changed, but the real ones losing out because of the rules and regulations for bonus coverage is the NFL itself. They miss out on having fans across the country getting to see the product from around the league that can help boost its visibility even more.

Hopefully next week while we are all on our couches watching games we won’t hear those ridiculous words, “Again, due to NFL rules and regulations, we are not able to keep you there live, but we will keep you updated.”