For Joey Votto though, he doesn’t care for such things and he loves to give.

For instance, he gave his teammate a donkey earlier this year as a gift. Or how about the time a few weeks ago when he gave baseballs away to the often-ignored upper decks at Wriggly Field. On Thursday, Votto made a young fan’s day during the Cincinnati Reds’ 7-2 win over the Mets.

The Toronto, Ontario native came up to bat in the 7th and pointed to Walter, a young fan sitting in the front row who has a rare disease known as neuroblastoma. Votto promptly hit a home run in the at bat, on the way back to the dugout he high-fived Walter before giving him the bat.

That was not the only piece of memorabilia that the six-year-old left with. Prior to the end of the game, Walter was giving a game-used Votto jersey as well.

Walter’s father told reporters that “These are the days you remember when you are having bad days.” The younger Herbert is in Stage 4 neuroblastoma, which is one of the most common types of pediatric cancer. When the cancer spread throughout his body, the family decided to enjoy their final time together.

Following the game, reports came back to Votto in the clubhouse that the boy’s parents said that the gift meant the world to the youngster. The big leaguer’s response to that, “That’s all that matters.” The major leaguer didn’t want to go any further than that saying he wanted to keep it personal between he and the family. “I honestly, I don’t really want to chat about this one.”

With athletes like Votto and JJ Watt, the wins and losses on the field don’t matter. It is these moments when the game makes people feel better in their time of need that count the most.

We are sorry for those that have just read this while we were cutting the onions.