There are always some strange injuries in sports. Some happen away from the field and some occur on it.

But for John Sterling, it happened in the broadcast booth.

Sterling is the voice of the Yankees and is a legend and an icon in New York. Fans around the majors may not know who he is but have more than likely heard his “Yankees win, thhhhhhhhe Yankees win” call on highlight packages.

Unfortunately for Sterling, on Thursday night his trademark call got a bit of change in the midst of it. That is because of a bit of a mishap he had following the Yankees 12-1 hammering of the Tampa Bay Rays.

Thankfully for Sterling it sounds like he will be just fine and will not need a stint on the disabled list as New York heads into the postseason. We are sure Yankees fans are grateful for that as well since the 80-year old has an amazing streak of not missing an inning of Yankees games since 1989.

Next time Sterling might just want to look around before he starts his trademark call so he doesn’t injure himself and end his Cal Ripken Junior like streak before he is ready to have it end on his terms.