Ever athlete wants to celly hard after they win the game for their team, but some may want to look before they leap into the celebrations.

Just ask FC Zurich star Benjamin Kololli.

He got a little too eager after putting his team in front by threading the net on a penalty in a Europa League match on Thursday.

Following the goal, Kololli sprinted towards the sidelines where a group of supporters stood celebrating the goal. Kololli jumped over an advertising board, jumped over a barrier and disappeared. Behind that barrier was a dry moat that was designed to keep supporters from jumping onto the pitch.

This caused concern from the onlookers and his teammates.

We’re not too sure how steep the fall was, but when you are leaping over barriers in full celebration more, you don’t think about falling down a big drop until it actually happens.

Thankfully, he was okay after his disappearing act and was spotted laughing it off with his teammates. He got back into the game and helped solidify the 1-0 win for his club.

You can be sure next time he will look before he leaps into his celly.