The Toronto Maple Leafs will look a little scruffier this year and it won’t be a problem.

That is because the team is scrapping Lou Lamoriello’s facial hair policy that was implemented when he joined the team. Under that policy, players were not allowed to sport beards and moustaches.

While many of the team welcomes the relaxed rules, don’t expect Mitch Marner to be among those taking advantage of the team’s new hair policy.

Lamoriello’s strict set of rules, which also included no high numbers or in-game promotions featuring players, went back to his days with the New Jersey Devils where he led them to three Stanley Cups. When he joined Toronto in 2015 he brought very similar rules with him.

Earlier this year, the 75-yer old was moved to an advisory role before Kyle Dubas was named the team’s new general manager. Shortly after that announcement, Lamoriello left to become the president and GM of the New York Islanders.

Leaf players were asked about the relaxed rule with Marner saying, “I got kind of lazy over the summer, didn’t really shave.” The 21-year old joked, “I had my whole family making fun of me for what I had on my face.”

No matter what, Marner will have a baby face which will just endear him to fans more, along with skills on the ice.

Who will be the biggest benefactors of Dubas loosening the rules? Marner believes it will be Nazem Kadri and Patrick Marleau, the latter will be wearing a letter for the team.

“Last year, those guys were shaving every other day,” Marner said. “I don’t really care about the rule, I can’t grow one anyways. But I’m sure those guys are going to be really appreciative.”

People may see this as Dubas distancing himself and the team from Lamoriello’s policies but really it is just a small change. It isn’t like he is changing the culture or attitude of the team with the tweak.

Maybe by the time Marner is ready to retire he will be able to grow a beard.