Tonight the St. Louis Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Pirates will play a Major League game in a Minor League ballpark in from of Little Leaguers from around the globe. Once the day is over the big and Little Leaguers will have memories that will last a lifetime.

Williamsport, Pennsylvania has been host to the Little League World Series since 1947 but later today they will host a pair of contenders for the postseason in the first ever MLB Little League Classic which will be broadcast on ESPN in the States and TSN4 in Canada starting at 7 pm.

Teams not playing in the early morning games were bused to the Williamsport Regional Airport to welcome both big league teams. The Little Leaguers then got a thrill of a lifetime riding the bus back to the Little League World Series complex along with the MLB players, getting to interact with them.

You would think with the pros having set routines on game day they would want to relax or get to the field to prepare for their Sunday nighter. Not on this day, the Pirates and Cardinals were excited to be there that they went to take in the games and interact with more participants and the fans at the Little League World Series.

Players like Randal Grichuk, Lance Lynn and Max Moroff experienced a homecoming of sorts as they all competed in the Little League World Series.

Grichuk said of the event, “I’m excited. I have always wanted to go back, but obviously we can’t because we’re still in season. It’ll bring back a lot of memories.”

You know the managers will complain about how the teams’ routines will be out of whack with all of today’s events but they and the players will love every minute of it. While the Little League World Series creates many memories and friendships between the Little Leaguers it has become extra special for them this year with the MLB Little League Classic.

Although this is a rare game and environment for the MLB players, tonight’s game is big match up as the Cardinals try to stay with the Chicago Cubs as they battle for the NL Central title. It is also big for the Pirates who look to move a game closer to St. Louis.