The World Umpires Association (WUA) released a statement on Saturday which stated, “This week, a player publicly and harshly impugned the character and integrity of Angel Hernandez – a veteran umpire who has dedicated his career to baseball and the community. The verbal attack on Angel denigrated the entire MLB umpiring staff and is unacceptable.”

The union and the umpires also said that the commissioner had failed to address this and any other escalating attacks on umpires.

While we agree that offensive and abusive statements have no place in sports towards officials or even other players, Hernandez has put himself into this position with the way he handles the game and himself during his assignments.

In a blog, earlier this week, on the Kinsler statements we noted that Hernandez was voted by 22 percent of the players in 2010 as the worse umpire in the majors.

It was unclear how many umpires would wear the wristbands in support of Hernandez during the 15 MLB contests but in the Dodgers-Tigers game two of the four umpires wore them. Umpires will continue to wear the wristbands until their concerns are taken seriously by the Commissioner’s office.

This was not the only umpire-player incident this month that got major press. Senior umpire Joe West was suspended for three games after saying that Adrian Beltre was the biggest complainer in the majors. The WUA was told by commissioner Rob Manfred in a letter dated August 3rd that the discipline created an “appearance of lack of impartiality.” In response, the umpires called “joking interactions between umpires and players a routine part of the game,” and added they “strongly disagreed” the league’s decision.

No matter which side you land on, one thing that must be protected is the integrity of the game. Umpiring in the majors, and even as you go down the ladder, has become very spotty and is becoming a distraction to the game.

When you see a manager tossed for arguing balls and strikes then the next pitch the pitcher is tossed for talking to himself and the catcher going second later for asking why his battery partner was ejected you know you have yourself an ump show. That is not why fans are at the game paying their hard-earned cash on tickets, ballpark fare and souvenirs. They want to see the stars play the game.

If everything is not ironed out soon between the umpires and MLB we could be in for a very long negotiation with a list full of demands by the WUA when the agreement with the league expires at the end of 2019.