Breaux was initially thought to have a contusion but later found out it was a fractured fibula that will require surgery. This will cause him to miss four to six weeks while he recovers.

The Saints are not the only team these two orthopedists work for. They also work with the Pelicans of the NBA, or should we say worked with the Pelicans. Yes, that is right, after news broke about the misdiagnosis the basketball team also fired them.

Recently the Saints were looking to trade Breaux due to his history of injuries but that is now on the backburner as he cannot be traded and pass a physical. But the team was reportedly frustrated with Breaux’s injuries and inability to participate in most of training camp before they realized that his injury was far worse than diagnosed.

We doubt the orthopedists will have a leg up on anybody else during this time finding a new job with any sports teams.