Fans of the Toronto Blue Jays were freaking out on Monday after an Instagram post by Vladimir Gurrero Jr.

Gurrero Jr. has been dominating the Double-A circuit with the New Hampshire Fisher Cats and is being praised by many MLB scouts. So much so, that one scout thinks he will be better than Bryce Harper. If that is the case, the Jays have some great years ahead of them.

Of course, none of that means anything until he gets to the big stage and actually performs like he currently is, but many think that time is coming sooner rather than later and it was egged on by a post on Instagram.

Vladdy Jr. posted an image of himself and geotagged it at JFK Airport in New York. That happens to be the next stop for the Blue Jays who face the Mets starting on Tuesday. When fans out one and one together they started to freak out on social media about the apparent second coming.

However, that frenzy got cooled off when fans learned that the picture had already been posted on his Instagram account before. To be more exact, Vladdy Jr. originally posted the picture back in December.

Since that time, he deleted the location tag and then later deleted the photo itself.

It looks like the 19-year old third baseman was having a little fun trolling fans and media, weather it was intentional or not. So really, it was all to do about nothing.

The one thing that is clear though, Vladdy Jr. has fans of the Jays firmly in the palm of his hands.

Headed into action this week Gurrero Jr has a batting average of .397, an on-base average of .447 and a slugging average of .645 with five home runs.