On Sunday we saw what could very well be the trade of the year in Major League Baseball.

One of the best parts of going to baseball games is getting to catch a game ball that is thrown or hit into the stands. It is even more special when it is a home run ball.

During the Washington Nationals and Colorado Rockies game a young Rockies fan was lucky enough to catch a home run ball off the bat of the Nationals’ Matt Wieters in the sixth inning. A couple innings later, in the same area that Wieters’ ball went out of the park, a young Nationals fan also caught a home run ball off the bat of DJ LeMahieu.

Too bad they weren’t just a little luckier to snag the souvenir off the team they were cheering for. But, then came the deal of the year.

The Nats fan walked over to the Rockies fan and traded balls so they each had the home run ball from their team.

What a great moment for two young baseball fans, something they will remember for a long time.

With that kind of deal where both ended up winning, these two could possibly be GMs in the future.